Welcome to phconvert’s documentation!

Version:0.9+43.g3a86e58 (release notes)

phconvert is a python 2 & 3 library which helps writing valid Photon-HDF5 files. This document contains the API documentation for phconvert.

The phconvert library contains two main modules: hdf5 and loader. The former contains functions to save and validate Photon-HDF5 files. The latter, contains functions to load other formats to be converted to Photon-HDF5.

The phconvert repository contains a set the notebooks to convert existing formats to Photon-HDF5 or to write Photon-HDF5 from scratch:

In particular see notebook Writing Photon-HDF5 files (read online) as an example of writing Photon-HDF5 files from scratch.

Finally, phconvert repository contains a JSON specification of the Photon-HDF5 format which lists all the valid field names and corresponding data types and descriptions.


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